Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation NEXT

Advanced understanding, increased predictability and international collaboration

AMOC-NEXT is a collaborative project that incorporates all relevant Atlantic regional components in order to decipherer how AMOC will evolve in the NEXT future and what its overall impact will be, from regional ecosystems and economies to global climate. The study of key yet little understood regional AMOC components will elucidate the starting and returning Atlantic limbs of the AMOC, which distribute essential climatic properties from both natural and anthropogenic sources. As both the North and South Atlantic are equally important to understand the variability of the AMOC, the project will strengthen the collaboration with African and South American countries bordering some of the least explored regional AMOC components. AMOC-NEXT represents a key step towards a NEXT generation of observations, data flow and models by: supporting existing key observing systems and promoting new and lowcost technologies; improving the data flow at all levels, from process and model studies to visualization of indices; and fostering modelling efforts ranging from joint analyses of state-of-the-art climate models to ecosystem, food-web and socio-economic regional and global forecasts. 



To understand the entire system of the AMOC, as well as its links with the world ocean circulation system, in particular with the polar oceans.



To enable the sustained and sustainable observation of the AMOC by improving, developing and/or deploying existing and novel methods and technologies to observe the AMOC and its functions in the Earth system.


To assess the current and NEXT states of all key regional AMOC components and processes from the North, including the polar region, to the South Atlantic and its connection to the Southern Ocean, creating new knowledge that is necessary to reduce uncertainties on how the AMOC influences the present climate and to improve the predictability of the AMOC’s evolution and its impact on climate and people.

To support a NEXT-generation, sustained and sustainable, collaborative AMOC monitoring system, backing new measures to fill observational gaps, developing and merging low-cost and novel technologies to observe physical to biogeochemical and ecosystem ocean essential variables, and facilitating the flow and visualization of data.

To generate a NEXT suite of regional and global AMOC indicators elucidating the two-way impact between climate and human, readily available and easily visualized by all relevant end-users in the Atlantic bordering countries – from scientists to stakeholders and policy-makers – and capable of linking climate and sustainability with people through green policies and blue economy.

To support current cooperative international efforts and foster NEXT networking with tropical, Caribbean and southern hemisphere Atlantic countries, including their effective incorporation in the monitoring efforts through favouring new sampling facilities and capacity building.

To increase the social perception on the key role of AMOC in the regional and global climates, hence contributing to engage citizens, communities and all relevant stakeholders towards NEXT sustainable attitudes and solutions that can effectively help mitigate and prepare for climate change.

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